Quan Yin our Burmese Python meeting visitors at an Art Exhibition openning

What we do

We provide our popular “Snake Encounters"

(Handling, Education & Entertainment sessions)

- in a variety of settings, tailored to the ocassion

- directed mainly at clients new to herpetological experience

  • Children’s parties
  • Pet assisted therapy
  • School shows
  • Community events
  • Retirement homes
  • Youth clubs
  • Fetes
  • Yoga class demos
  • Walkabout
  • Performance/ Dance
  • Corporate events
  • Wedding blessings
  • Hen nights
  • Photo shoots/ Film

How do we fulfill the Mission?

We have learnt by experience that having a physical encounter with a captive and “tame” snake has had a positive influence on many people. The sessions are educational but we have observed that the greatest benefits are gained by the opportunity to have a physical contact with these still not so common pets. Indeed, the fact that these animals have a wild side to their nature is an opportunity to develop respect for another being without imposing our will onto it.

The animals we work with are our personal pets and as such they are used to human contact and handling.

Reptile pets are well admirable for their jewel-like beauty, there is much to be learned by observing their special qualities and life habits. Although a much misunderstood species they can offer a sense of love, excitement and calm just by sharing their live presence with us.

It is our pleasure to provide opportunity for you to safely meet and enjoy snakes. We particularly like creating quiet moments so that you can feel their gentle and patient nature. This often leads to discovering a deeper connection with oneself.

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Generally in Devon (UK) and surrounding areas. We can travel further for added travel costs.

Please enquire for details.


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