Feedback from our clients

"The snake handling event, staged as part of our busy exhibition opening went really well. MissionQ provided a fascinating and well managed experience for all and it was a pleasure to work with them.
We're all looking forward to another opportunity to meet Hana and Quan Yin, her beautiful Burmese python." (details and photo below)

~ Matt Burrows, curator of Exeter Phoenix Art Galerry

“We had an amazing time with your snake party – it made my little boy’s birthday an unforgettable day! It was wonderful seeing all the kids handling snakes with confidence and Hana and Indra made the day a very enjoyable, safe and educational experience. Thanks again.”

~ Derryck Strachan

“A great party, Hana and Indra are very calming and make you feel confident with the snakes. We had excitable boys from 5 – 11yr old but they all had great fun. Well done.”
~ Martin Turnell

“My God, I can’t believe I’m holding this big snake!” ~ Luis, 7

“Snakes really calm people down, don’t they?” ~ Thalia, 7

“The snake looks a bit scary when you take him out first but then it gets better. In the end, it was the best moment ever.” ~ Amber, 6

“A lovely experience to be able to see and handle the beautiful snakes. The kids loved it.”  ~ Donna Nisbett

“It felt very special being there with you and snake friend – and I received such a healing from the snake – it bound itself round my head soothing my mind. Thank you for your caretaking of this awesome creature and sharing her with us. Blessings!” ~ David Stone

“Thank you and Rosie-Oc so much for coming, it was absolutely fantastic. Such a wonderful experience for us. Yes – really looking forward to working with you again on a serpent awakening workshop!” ~ Mark Keane, Kundalini Yoga teacher




by Karen D, NHS Professional

I have had a fear of snakes since the age of 8 when a snake struck at me, narrowly missing me.

After this occurence, I suffered nightmares and each night before I got into bed, I searched my bedroom thoroughly for snakes. I was afraid to walk through long grass and would not even stretch my legs out in bed in case there was a snake hiding under my blankets. As time progressed, the nightmares subsided but I could not look at a picture of a snake or watch a snake on TV without feeling sick, breathless and panicky.

This went on for years. I grew up, had children of my own but still could not confront a snake. One day, someone gave one of my children a rubber snake and belive it or not, I was totally freaked out by that too. On trips to the zoo, I would never go near the reptile house, I watched wildlife programs from behind a cushion if there was the chance of seeing a snake and even seeing fake or real snakeskin on bags and shoes made me feel ill. When I travelled and lived abroad, it was a nightmare. In India and South East Asia, I was constantly running away from people with snakes in the street, crossing the road, feeling terrified and nauseous at the even distant sight of them. Even in my own garden, I was terrified of the slow worms because to me, they resembled snakes.

A few years ago, a friend started to work with me to help overcome my fears. He took me to the reptile house of the local zoo and literally inch by inch we made our way in until after several hours, I was able to stand reasonably near to a glass case and peak at a motionless snake curled up inside. That was as far as I was prepared to go, but it helped in as much as I was able to look at pictures afterwards with feeling afraid.

When Hana arrived at our event with her Boa named Rosie-Oc, I was feeling extremely nervous but I was determined to be brave. The time had come to face my fear once and for all in a safe environment. Hana allowed me to look at Rosie resting in her box for a few moments first. Then I was able to go away for a while and digest this and prepare myself for the next level encounter. Hana was brilliant – she waited until the party had quietened a little, before bringing Rosie out into the space. She had Rosie safely wrapped around her so I felt totally safe. I was able to watch from a distance amd approach at my own pace. After some time, I felt able to be quite close to Hana and look at Rosie close up. I was still feeling very frightened but Hana was very gentle and reassuring and her confidence in handling Rosie helped me to take the very brave step of touching the snake with one finger. That was quite a milestone for me and I went away to allow that to settle before continuing.

A little later, I was able to go back to Hana and this time I was able to stroke Rosie – only at the back end beause I was still very worried about her head. I was very surprised to note that she was warm and soft and not at all cold and slimy which I had expected.

Hana was very patient with me and just allowed me to do what I wanted to in my own time. When I was feeling brave enough to approach the snake, she was very calm and gentle in her encouragement always making sure I was comfortable.

As the event wore on I was able to hold part of Rosie in my hand and by the end of the night I was able to allow Hana to very gently place Rosie around ny neck. This was initially terrifying but again Hana was so calm, confident and reassuring, that I was able to relax and even smile for the camera!

When I look back on that photo, I cannot quite believe that after decades of fear and panic at the sight of even a photo of a snake, I am now free from that. It would never have been possible without Hana’s skillful handling of the situation and her absolute confidence and knowledge in terms of working with snakes. She holds the space beautifully and her strong but gentle spirit is always very palpable. Because she is so calm, confident and encouraging, she empowers you to step beyond your comfort zone in your own way and in your own time, helping you to overcome even deeply held fears.

I would thoroughly recommend Hana and her snake or snakes to anyone and everyone. She is entertaining, captivating and utterly marvelous and her visit has been life changing. If I can do that, I can do anything!!

Thank you Hana XXXX

Dear Karen, well done for this achievement! I was so impressed by your determination to defy your fear. It was a pleasure to experience it at our event and in the final photo you look so fabulous with Rosie the boa constrictor, like you’ve been communing with snakes for years! Congratulations XXXX, Hana :)


Brave Karen 

In September 2011 we have had the pleasure to be involved with the

Exeter Contemporary Open at Exeter Phoenix Gallery, in the project of an artist Bryony Gillard


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