About Us

Mission Q team

Miss Hana Evans and assistants

We are experienced handlers and keepers, our snakes are much loved pets used to human touch.

They are all captivity bred and non-venomous.

The snakes are well cared for in our own home.

During the events we make sure they enjoy their contact with people for a limited period of time, when this provides welcome time of stimulation and exploration for the snakes. We do not bring out an animal that is going through its shedding process or is in an introverted mood for any reason.

We endeavour to promote greater understanding of these beautiful, ancient, threatened, misunderstood and at times abused species by helping people to satisfy their curiosity, to overcome their fear of snakes and to educate.

We are fully insured and licensed.


Why Mission Q?

Q stands for Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of the Mesoamerican myth the deeper message of which had inspired us.

His legend, associated with the year 2012, essentially says that we need to learn from the serpent its ability to honour our senses, our bodies and our connection to the Earth, just like a snake that lives deeply in the earth and experiences it directly with the full length of its body.

That we need to learn to let go of the old and be renewed like a snake shedding its skin.

That we need to learn to be still, percieve through our senses and our intuition more rather than overworking our rational minds and to develop the exquisite sensitivity of the snake.

That whilst being fully involved with our earthly reality, we are invited to aspire to higher ideals - did you know that snakes have always been a symbol for the sacred and the sublime?

Quetzalcoatl shows us what qualities we need to develop to bring better balance to our world, to make it a happier place for all. Quetzalcoatl teaches us how to love and respect the Earth.

It is indeed our Mission to inspire you to experience an awe of the snakes, "the Ambassadors of the Earth"


Miss Hana Evans of Mission Q 

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